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Defined Benefit

Ascensus Consulting is a retirement administration, plan design, and actuarial firm that is wholly owned by Ascensus--the largest independent retirement and college savings services provider in the United States. Our plan administrators, actuaries and compliance specialists allow us to maintain an unparalleled record of fulfilling clients’ needs and building solid, long-term relationships.

Consulting services begins with assisting clients in identifying and accomplishing overall benefit program objectives, and continues all the way through to timely and accurate plan administration.

Traditional Defined Benefit Plan
  • Ideal for 100% owners with fewer or no employees who want to defer a large amount, which can sometimes be all or most of their earnings
  • Large tax deductions
  • Owners sometimes have the potential to defer 100% of earned income
  • Can be paired with a defined contribution plan to increase retirement savings and tax advantages
  • Flexible benefit design
  • Plan design works well for owners aged 30 and over

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