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Compliance Testing

Ascensus Consulting is an independent third-party administrator that performs required compliance testing and non-discrimination testing for tax qualified defined contribution, defined benefit, and cash balance plans to help ensure that employers are following the rules and laws set forth by the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor.

The compliance tests help verify that funds are being allocated properly and in a timely manner. The non-discrimination tests help ensure that all eligible employees in a company have been afforded the same opportunity to participate in the plan.
The consequences for employers that are not in compliance, intentionally or not, are severe and could include heavy civil or criminal penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service or Department of Labor.
Required compliance and non-discrimination tests:
  • ADP/ACP or Actual Deferral Percentage Test / Actual Contribution Percentage Test
  • Minimum Coverage Requirements Rules
  • Maximum Limits for Qualified Plans Test
  • Top Heavy Test
  • Employer Deductibility Test
  • Maximum Elective Deferral Amounts Test

Contact us with questions about compliance testing.