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Ascensus Consulting is an independent third-party administrator (TPA). Our plan administration addresses the day-to-day operation and compliance and government reporting/Form 5500 issues for tax qualified defined contribution, defined benefit, and cash balance plans. This allows the financial professional/investment provider to focus on educating employers and plan participants on financial literacy issues and how to choose investments. The following services can be performed depending on a plan's specific circumstances.

New Plan Setup
  • Assist in plan document completion
  • Complete necessary sections of financial professionals’/investment providers’ forms
  • Attend enrollment meetings
Takeover Plan Setup
  • Assist in plan document completion
  • Complete necessary sections of financial professionals’/investment providers’ forms
  • Help prepare letter to old asset provider
  • Help prepare Blackout Notice
  • Oversee financial professionals’/investment providers’ conversion process
  • Attend enrollment meetings to explain our role

Plan Document Installation

  • Assist in plan document completion
  • Provide administrative forms
  • Provide Summary Plan Description
  • Provide corporate resolution
  • IRS Submission for Determination Letter (upon request)
  • Provide employer with Annual Notice to Employees for Safe Harbor Plans and SIMPLE Plans

Annual Compliance Testing and Calculations

  • Top Heavy IRC §416
  • Minimum Coverage IRC § 410(b)
  • Excess Deferral IRC §402(g)
  • Annual Additions IRC §415(c)
  • Actual Deferral Percentage Test (ADP) IRC §401(k)(3)
  • Actual Contribution Percentage Test (ACP) IRC §401(m)
  • Non-discrimination Testing IRC §401(a)(4)
  • Employer Deductibility IRC §401(a)(3)(A)
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Match or Non-Elective Compliance
  • SIMPLE 401(k) Compliance
  • Catch-Up Contributions
  • Annual Profit Sharing or Money Purchase Contribution Allocation (includes integrated, age-weighted, and cross tested)
  • Calculate Partnership and Sole Proprietor Earned Income
  • Annual Match Contribution Allocation
  • Annual Forfeiture Reallocation

Plan Distribution Processing

  • Review paperwork for completeness
  • Contact trustee for missing data or signatures
  • Calculate maximum loan amounts
  • Calculate maximum hardship amounts
  • Calculate required minimum distributions
  • Calculate in-service distributions
  • Calculate QDRO distribution
  • Calculate corrective distributions
  • Initiate online distribution with financial professional/investment provider

Government Forms Filings

  • Signature-ready Department of Labor Form 5500 and related schedules
  • Voluntary Fiduciary Compliance Program
  • Delinquent Filer Program
  • Assistance with Internal Revenue Service or Department of Labor audits

Summary Annual Report

  • Summary of plan year transaction history, census data, and annual testing
  • Annual letter with projected testing limits and compliance issues in bound report
  • Terminated participants report with less than $5,000 vested balance to distribute
  • Combine outside assets or self-directed brokerage accounts on a participant annual statement
  • Annual review meeting encouraged

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