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Benefits Advantage newsletter

  •   Benefits Advantage 2014
    • In this issue: Form 5500 series--New penalty relief rules; The restatement process--From EGTRRA to PPA; Rollover documentation guidance; A look at cash balance plans
    • In this issue: PPA Restatement Period; Qualified Plans in Mergers and Acquisitions; Retroactive Guideance on the DOMA Decision
    • In this issue: Baden Retirement Plan Services is now Ascensus Consulting; Back to Basics: Record Retention; Leased Employees; Recent Developments: Cash balance features added to prototype plans
  •   Benefits Advantage 2015
    • In this issue: New IRS Corrections Options, Methods; Terminating a SIMPLE IRA?; PBGC Premium Chnages for Defined Benefit Plans; Retirement Distribution Advice
    • In this issue:  Excess Elective Deferrals; When Can Employees Take a Distribution from Qualified Retirement Plans?; Required Minimum Distributions for 5% Owners
    • In this issue: Cost of Living Adjustments for 2016 from the IRS; Back to Basics: Determining Service for Plan Eligibility; Relief for Elective Deferrals; Recent Developments: Form 5500-EZ; Preapproved document changes; Use Your Forfeiture Account
  •   Benefits Advantage 2016
    • In this issue: The ADP Test; Correcting Missed Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs); Welcome Relief Regarding Mid-Year Changes to ADP/ACP Safe Harbor Plans and Safe Harbor Notices.
    • In this issue: The DOL's Fiduciary Regulation--It's Here!; Electronic Form 5500-SF to Replace Paper Form 5500-EZ; Reminder:  Use Your Forfeiture Account; House Committee Approves Resolution to Block Fiduciary Regulation; DOL/PBGC Amends Defined Benefit Plan Final Regulations on Actuarial and Financial Reporting; VCP Submission Kit for New Plan Adoption Failure; IRS Now Asks that Filers of Form 5500 or 5500-SF Not Include Answers to New Compliance Questions; IRS Aligning Form 5500-EZ with Forms 5500 and 5500-SF, Asks Filers Not to Answer Compliance Questions.
    • In this issue: Finding the Beach--Ways Millennials Can Save for Retirement; Consider Combining Your 401(k) Plan with a Cash Balance Plan; Reminder: Use Your Forfeiture Account; Proposed Form 5500 Changes for 2019--Public Comments Welcome.
    • In this issue: Savings Limit Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for 2017 from the IRS; Paying for Plan Expenses with Plan Assets; Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Notices; Reminder: A Plan Sponsor's Responsibilities.
  •   Benefits Advantage 2017
    • In this issue: Ascensus Consulting is Now Coast-to-Coast; What is the Right Automatic Enrollment Percentage?;  Keep an Eye on Your Participant Notice Procedures.
    • In this issue: Employer Best Practices for Hardship Distribution Documentation; Clarifying Retirement Plan Document Missteps; Compliance Reminders Calendar.
    • In this issue: Reduce your plan expenses by using forfeitures to fund QNECs and QMACs; Protecting your participants: The more you know, the less you worry; Year-end reminders; Hurricaen relief for certain IRS, DOL, and PBGC deadlines; and The new fiduciary rule: What does it mean for your plan?
  •   Newsletter Archive
    •   Benefits Advantage 2010
      • In this issue: Pass Those Tests; Automate Your Plans; Final Say on the Timing and Order of QDROs; Comparing Retirement Plan Choices; Benefits Advantage to be Emailed in 2011; Benefit Notes: A 2010 Snapshot of 403(b) Plans; Case Study: No Obligation to Make Discretionary Employer Contribution
      • In this issue: Check Fiduciary Coverage; Choice of Financial Products: A Benefit for Clients and Financial Advisors; The Word is Savings; Small Plan Safe Harbor Rule Finalized; Benefit Notes: Summary Prospectus; Guidance on HEART Act Provisions; 401(k) Participants Hang Tight
      • In this issue: Form 5500 Filing Update and Reminders; Reviewing Your 401(k) Plan Design; Safe Harbor Plan Notice--Watch the Timing; Benefits Notes: Retirement Assets Make a Recovery; Retirement Plan Stats
      • In this issue: Take It to the Limit: annual Contribution Limitations; Roth "Conversions"; New Section 402(f) Notices; Sharing Information Electronically; Updates and Reminders for the new Form 5500 EFAST2 Electronic Filing Process for 2010; Baden Retirement is on the Move; New Addresses for Fort Wayne and Indianapolis Offices; Benefits Notes: Amendments for Adding Automatic Enrollment; Special Insert: DOL Finalizes Rules for Depositing Participant Contributions Timely to Small Plans
    •   Benefits Advantage 2011
      • In this issue: Update on Form 8955-SSA; Reminder: Use Your Forfeiture Account; Ensure Your Contact Info is Correct; The Effects of Missing RMDs; Deadline for Depositing Deferrals; Back to Basics: Catch-Up Contributions; Benefits Notes: IRS Phone Forums; IRS Hardship Distribution Tips; Circular 230 Updated
      • In this issue: Participant Fee Disclosure Rules; Choice of Financial Products; Action, Reaction: Form 5500 Electronic Filing Time Again; Benefits Notes: 402(f) Notice: The Definition of Fiduciary
      • In this issue: All in the Family: Attribution Rules; Beneficiary Distribution Options in 2011; Recent Developments: Form 8955-SSA; Definition of Fiduciary; Electronic Disclosure; An IRS List-2011 Dirty Dozen Tax Scam List; Electronic Form 5500 Status
      • In this issue: Jobs Act Allows In-Plan Roth Conversions; When Employees Leave, But Plan Accounts Stay; Have You Reviewed Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Lately?; Plan Limitations Stay the Same for 2011; Benefit Notes: Change in Reporting Plan Loans; Fee Disclosure; Retirement Readiness Inches Up
    •   Benefits Advantage 2012
      • In this issue: Service Provider Fee Disclosure; Satisfying Top-Heavy Requirements: It's All in the Design; Who is a Key Employee?; DB vs DC: Investment Risk and Actuary Involvement
      • In this issue: Cross-tested 401(k) Safe Harbor Plan Design; Deferrals and the Compensation Limit; Participant Loan Disclosures; Recent Developments--Revised Participant Disclosure Guidance; Certain 403(b) Plans May Lose ERISA Exemption.
      • In this issue: Roth 401(k) Five-Year Clock; Buyback Rules; The Importance of Plan Compliance; Recent Developments: Disclosure Guidance; Miss the EGTRRA Restatement Deadline?
      • In this issue: 2012 COLA Limits; Early Distribution Penalty; Exceptions to the Rule; Plan Sponsors: Annual Participant Notice Requirements; Qualified Default Investment Alternatives; Recent Developments: Second Restatement Cycle Begins; Electronic Disclosure Guidance; Priority Guidance Plan
    •   Benefits Advantage 2013
      • In this issue: The Importance of the 408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure; 2013 COLA Limits; Participant Requests for Plan Documents; Reminders: Options for paying Plan Expenses; IRS Fix-It-Guides; Baden Sends Census Packages to Plan Sponsors for Completion.
      • In this issue: Rehired Employees-A Trap for the Unwary; Annual Participant Notice Requirements; Census Package for Calendar Year Plans; The Supreme Court DOMA Decision.
      • In this issue: Make time to "Spring Clean" Your Retirement Plan; Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System; IRS Voluntary Correction Program; 403(b) Document Failure Correction
      • In this issue: Tips on Selecting Target Date Funds; Correcting Missed Matching Contributions; Hardship Distribution to Pay Casualty Loss; 401(k) Compliance check Questionnaire; Participant Fee Disclosure Reminder