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About Us

Ascensus Consulting is a retirement administration, plan design, and actuarial firm that is wholly owned by Ascensus--the largest independent retirement and college savings services provider in the United States.
Our People and Experience
  • Over 100 professionals averaging more than 18 years of industry experience dedicated to designing and administering custom-built retirement plan solutions
  • Experience gained through servicing over 10,000 plans referred by approximately 1,000 financial professionals across the country
  • ERISA legal professionals on staff to research complex issues
  • Formalized, ongoing training for associates to keep pace with ever-changing regulations
What We Offer
  • Plan design and recordkeeping flexibility
  • Defined benefit, cash balance and defined contribution plan support
  • Custody flexibility (core assets, self-directed brokerage accounts, and other qualified assets)
  • Reports and plan-related information accessible through our secure website
  • Transparent pricing
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