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Retirement plan administration, plan design, actuarial, and consulting services

Ascensus Consulting is a retirement administration, plan design, and actuarial firm dedicated to helping employers establish and manage tax-qualified retirement plans.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Ascensus Consulting, services over 10,000 defined benefit, cash balance, and defined contribution plans from its offices in California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Virginia. Ascensus Consulting works as a team with financial professionals--chosen by employers--to identify a plan design solution, install the plan, and administer it in compliance with ERISA, Department of Labor regulations, and the IRS code.
Contact us to request a proposal or with questions on implementing an employer sponsored retirement plan.
Questions about your account? Contact the Call Center at 866-915-2040 or click here to email your inquiry.

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Each year, Ascensus helps more than 6 million Americans save for retirement and college education. This is both our passion and expertise. Through partnerships with financial institutions and financial professionals, our savings plans are designed to be smart, clear, personal, and most of all, effective.